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A Bag That Fits

I've always been a lover of travel. But living in a small town means two things.

1. You're more than likely taking a minimum of two planes.

2. One of said planes will be about the size of a tuna can.

Now this is all good and fine until the ticket agent slaps a pink tag on your rolling bag and tosses it under the plane. Wave goodbye to hundreds of dollars worth of makeup and all the other things you wanted with you on the plane. So instead you quickly try to shove your book, computer and numerous belongings into your "easy convenient" small purse. Ha. Ha. Just what you wanted to do... carry all of your stuff in your arms.

So, after countless arguments with airline agents, I spent way too much time researching, ordering and returning bags until I found this gem. The Kipling Ronan Carry-On.

It's black. It rolls. It's not manly. (No offense). And it fits in the overhead of even the smallest planes. The ticket agent and flight attendants will tell you "No," but you say "Yes" with confidence. It fits. All you have to do is take out anything you've put in those two little front pockets and it pops in as easily as a tic tac.

Nothing more satisfying then proving the airport people wrong. I promise.

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