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Spring Scents

April 27, 2017

I change my perfume depending on the season.  No shame.  My spring and summer scents are always fresh, clean and usually with a hint of citrus.  I'm a sucker for almost anything by Jo Malone, so if I'm just hanging around the house or just got out of the shower I usually smell like Vanilla or Grapefruit.  Both scents mix well and fade nicely if I decide to use a different perfume later that day.  

My spring scents this year:
1. Un Jardin Sur Le Nil, Hermes
2. Eau De Cologne, Chanel

3. Jasmine Noir, Bvlgari

*I've found my body adjusts to the perfume I'm wearing.  People normally notice my perfume after a few weeks of consistently wearing the same one.  So start and finish a perfume. 





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