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Vintage Finds

Vintage clothing and accessories are my guilty pleasure. Some of my favorite pieces were found in pawnshops or the equivalent to someone's closet from the 70s. I always google antique stores in my travel destination ahead of time and be willing to sift through the riffraff to find the hidden gems. *Bringing cash is usually a good idea.

I found this ring in a tiny store in Amalfi, Italy. After sifting through countless rings, earrings and pins, I not only found something in my size but something I love. You'll be surprised what you can find with a little digging.

My mother and I discovered this in London, England, during our day strictly dedicated to the antique markets. This ring features a coin of Queen Victoria with the date 1897.

I found this in one of my favorite stalls in my favorite Paris flea market, Marche aux Puces de Saint-Ouen. Unfortunately when I went back to visit Babette, yes that really was her name, she had sold her little stall. However, the area is packed with hundreds of vendors selling everything from couture jewelry to furniture.

During my most recent trip to Paris I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try a different antique shop. A hole in the wall, but owned by a woman who used to work in the YSL couture house. Never judge a book (or a store) by its cover.

Packed among dusty coats and blouses, this one of a kind YSL blazer was made in the couture house for a fashion show in the 70s. (I knew I was born in the wrong generation.) Yves Saint Laurent worked on it himself. Can't help but feel special when I don it.

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