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Pre Sleep

We all have our little routine. Some of us, myself included, have a little bit more. Besides the usual brushing, flossing and mouthwash bit, I do a few more things before climbing into my bed.

1. Laura Mercier Rose Oil - Helps reduce dark circles under the eyes (yes it does work)

2. Lip scrub & moisturize - I wake up with fuller lips, that aren't cracked

3. Oil/Lotion - I focus on my elbows and hands

4. Melatonin gummy - I suffer from insomnia and love gummy vitamins, win/win

5. Lavender/water spray - A few drops of lavender essential oil in a small spray bottle with water goes a long way. I spray my pillow and sheets before climbing into bed. It might have absolutely no calming effect whatsoever, but it smells good so that's a plus.

*Bonus. I write in my "The Five-Minute Journal". I started doing this at the start of the year and I absolutely love it. It's easier than looking at a blank page of a journal and thinking "this is silly what am I supposed to write here?" which I have done numerous times.