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November 29, 2019

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Slip Into Suede

May 19, 2017

Weather in Northern Michigan is like a flirtation in your early 20s. Unpredictable, erratic and exhausting. You leave the house sans jacket ready to tackle the day and find yourself fumbling for your keys with frozen fingers because it has dropped 35 degrees. Thankfully TC is beautiful despite the rapid weather fluctuations.


To avoid wearing winter clothes in the middle of May, I opted for heavier fabrics - both in my short sleeve shirt and skirt. The heaviness weighs my hem down so a sudden cold breeze doesn't turn me into an exhibitionist.  It also keeps me cool for the three hours Mother Nature decides to make it warm during the day. A touch of suede (jacket and loafers) gives some texture to the pale color pallet. 


 Wearing: Vintage Ann Taylor jacket (from my mother's closet!); Zara skirt, Groceries Apparel top, Catherine Malandrino loafers, Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses









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