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The Easy Pasta

Anyone who's ever watched any of my social media stories knows I love to cook. I've been surrounded by incredible chefs my entire life, watching my mother, aunts and grandmother glide through the kitchen, barely paying attention to what they're doing. It's a bad habit that I've picked up myself. We don't really follow a recipe. We get side tracked. Something else in the spice drawer catches our eye and we say "What the heck," as we shake herbs into the sauce.

This just happens to be a variation of my family's go-to pasta sauce. It's delicious and easy. Which at the end of the day is really all I care about.


Prosciutto - small pieces

English Peas


White Wine (2 buck chuck)

Parmesan Cheese

Shallots - diced

Salt and Pepper

*add tomatoes for a red sauce

In a large pan, crisp prosciutto with a tablespoon of olive oil. Remove from pan and set aside. Adding a small amount of olive oil, sauté shallots. While this sautés, put water with olive oil and pinch of salt to boil. Add peas and prosciutto to pan of shallots. After about 5 minutes add white wine and cream. Once your sauce has reduced for about 10 minutes, taste. Add cream and or white wine to taste.

*Notice how I'm not giving you measurements. This is intentional. Everyone likes different quantities of this or that. Don't be afraid to experiment; and try your food. Really. How bad could this taste? The best thing you can do to improve your cooking skills is to practice and don't be afraid to experiment.

Once the pasta has cooked, drain water keeping some set aside in case your sauce needs a little more liquid. Add noodles to pan. With heat on low, sprinkle as much cheese as you see fit. No judgement.

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