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Eating in Paris

My family and I have noticed a trend when we reminisce about our travels. We find ourselves starting out most conversations with comments like, "Remember that place where we had the burrata the size of our fist?" or "What's that restaurant where we showed up insisting that we had a reservation only to find out we had actually gotten the name mixed up..after we finished our meal?" Basically, we love food. And yes, both of those stories are true. The hardest part about visiting a new place is trying to find the hidden gems; the places that aren't filled with so many tourists that you're wondering "Am I really in France?" Thankfully, being to Paris half a dozen times and studying abroad there has given me enough time to perfect the ultimate food guide in Paris.

NoLita - I've never been to Paris without eating here at least once. They have a location in the Marais but my favorite is located at the end of the Champs-Élysées. They make their pasta in house and yes, have a burrata larger than your fist.

Lazare - A little more casual, this bistro type restaurant changes their menu frequently. The ambiance is excellent. The menu is on the small side, so I'd suggest looking at their menu to see if anything catches your eye. Great lunch spot.

Fellini - This tiny restaurant is like a little piece of Italy hidden in the streets of Paris. Homemade pasta with a variety of options and the servers are wonderful. *This is a smaller restaurant so making a reservation is recommended.

Chez Andre - The quintessential french meal and experience, but better. Not only is the food excellent but I've never had a server that didn't treat me like I was a regular. Oh and order the french onion soup for me.

Bistro Marbeuf - I think I've been here around 10 times, and every time I order the chicken. It's that good. Great place to go when the weather is nice - they open up the entire front window/wall of the restaurant. I recommend getting a table, ordering a bottle of wine and just relaxing (and ordering the floating island for dessert).

L'As du Fallafel - If you find yourself craving a falafel while walking around Paris...don't fret. You are not alone. You can order at the window or sit inside. But FYI - there's always a line. It's a hotspot in the Marais district but worth every minute.

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