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Aha! Moments

I've been to my share of concerts. I've done the waiting in line for an hour in 100 degree weather and 98% humidity to get into a festival. I've worn a flower bra. So I'm in my closet looking for something to wear to this Neil Diamond concert. I opt for my go-to outfit. Black skirt, black boots, white top and black jacket. I'm in concert mode. I didn't think twice. Now we're walking into the concert and I realize something is different...People aren't yelling. People are dressed very casually. Oh, and everyone is looking at me like "What are you doing here?" Now full disclosure, I went into this concert knowing one song, Sweet Caroline. But TBH, I learned more than just a few old songs. 

1. 99% of the crowd didn't have their phones out. IT WAS CRAZY. You go to a concert, club or musical festival with your phone in front of your face the entire night, while trying to see over the couple thousand phones blocking your view. People actually sat and enjoyed the concert. 

2. People in their 70s still know how to party. Midway through the concert, Mary Jane came out to play. And I have a hard time believing that it came from a bunch of millennials who also happened to be Neil Diamond fans. 

3. We don't make home videos anymore. During some of his songs they showed footage of him as a child with his family. We Snapchat the fun events, Instagram the big moments, but for some reason don't film the little moments - like just being in the park. 

4. People knew when to stand, and when it was totally okay to just sit down. 

5. And surprise! I actually knew a bunch of Neil Diamond songs.  

Live in the moment.