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For the Lover of Smells

I have to give credit to my brother for this one. Picking out scents for another person is not easy. Your favorite scent could be something that makes another person gag. (Cloves. Don't get those things anywhere near me.) If you're going this route, I suggest doing it for someone that you can predict, or else buy safe scents. In my opinion, clean and fresh isn't offensive to anyone.

What makes this gift personal? Purchase unique brands or something the recipient might not have heard of before. I love that these were all brands that were new to me. I'm a creature of habit so I would never have gone out and bought these things that are all, TBH, delightful. And the bonus? You can help out the locals. Go to one of your local boutiques or specialty shops and buy from a small company.

Caswell Massey Almond and Aloe soaps, The Deborah Michel Collection Lemon Verbena and Honey Almond hand lotions, Votivo Clean Crisp White candle, Voluspa Suede Blanc candle

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