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Things to do in NYC

My mom is a New Yorker so I've grown up loving this city. You can't let it overwhelm you. You have to let it envelope you. I love the theatre. I'm a foodie, avid people watcher and power walker. I have a rest b*tch face and yes, I love fashion. So I feel right at home. I always encourage people to wander in any city. That's when you really find the good stuff; the hidden cafes and the quaint boutiques. But there's SO much to do in New York. Despite some of these things being a bit "touristy" they're totally worth it - and a lot of fun.

1. Riding a bike through Central Park. (I recommend bike tours in every big city you visit.) Our guide was a mega cute British boy for starters. Who doesn't love that? You get a little exercise in and see a ton of the park. I love walking through Central Park but it's huge. So this was a great way to see more in less time. You'll feel a little ridiculous while you're on the tour but really who's going to care? There are lots of bike tours to pick from.

2. Go see a play. Any play! Depending on the season and the show, tickets can be pricey. But just do some digging. There's no shame in not sitting in the front row and there are some great Off Broadway shows. Remember, Wicked was Off Broadway when it first opened. During our latest trip we saw Anastasia, Waitress and Hello Dolly! I cried in Anastasia and Waitress and laughed so hard I cried in Hello Dolly!

3. Hop Off Hop On Bus - Yes you're basically slapping a sign on your forehead that says "Tourist" when you get on, but let me tell you, BEST WAY TO TRAVEL. You see a ton, it's a flat fee and it's basically informational public transportation. It's one of the easiest ways of getting around and getting your bearings, especially if you aren't familiar with the city. Then you can pick an area and just explore.

4. Any museum. I cannot stress this enough. The museums in this city are amazing. I'm a little bit of a nerd when it comes to them but there's literally a museum for everything. So I'm not telling you to go see them all. Just pick one. (MET, MOMA and American Museum of Natural History are probably the most popular)

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