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Work It Out

I'm talking about exercise, not that bad relationship you're currently avoiding. The hardest part of getting into a workout routine is starting. Once you've talked yourself into putting on your sneakers the rest is relatively easy. The second hardest part? Not falling into the routine. Let me explain. It's great to get into the habit of working out. It's not great to get into a workout rut. I got into the habit of running every day this summer and it was awesome. Until life got in the way. Sometimes I can't take an 1.5 hours of my day to go for a run. I also realized that I probably wasn't pushing myself because I was doing the same thing every day. I got comfortable.

There are so many amazing ways to exercise now. Zumba, spinning, pilates and apparently there's even wine yoga. Genius. Classes can be tough. There is someone there pushing you when you might not be pushing yourself. You can go with friends and wear your cute workout clothes to someplace other than the grocery store. So what's the issue? Paying for all of these wonderful classes. So find a balance. Mix up your routine. I still run a few times a week but I'm starting to break out of my comfort zone. I'm actually going to a workout class before work tomorrow...who am I? My company also provides some free yoga classes during the day so I'll be incorporating that into my life. A little namaste never hurt anyone.

Kayla Itsines is also a great investment. It offers home workouts that kick your butt. Let me rephrase. Destroy you. My college roommate and I used to have to help each other off the floor and on to the couch after one session. It's downloaded on my phone for when I travel and want to get in a quick workout.

So, I'm attempting to shake up my workout routine. Wish me luck.

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