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#TuesdayTip - Unplug

I'm fairly good at a few things, but unplugging isn't one of them. I'll get into a good habit and will genuinely see and feel the difference. But then something happens and derails me from my zen-like lifestyle. I spend my day on my computer at work and, when I'm not working, I usually have a laptop nearby. I try to justify this with "I'm a writer. I need it there in case I get inspired." But let's be honest. Scrolling through the latest Nordstrom sale at 11 pm isn't inspiring. It's shopping. So I'm working on getting unplugged.

These are a few new things I am trying to incorporate into my life. But don't be discouraged. Because while I'd like to be able to say I do all of these things every day, I don't. I'm human. And who isn't tempted to scroll through the Nordstrom sale online?

1. I'm the queen of falling asleep to television. But I started to notice I was having very bizarre dreams. My Fitbit routinely reminded me in the morning that I was, "restless 7 times." So last night, just for kicks, I put my phone on "do not disturb" and sat in the dark. I thought, "This will never work. In 10 minutes I'm turning on my latest binge on Netflix." Then I woke up to my alarm at 5:15 am feeling completely rested. Even my Fitbit agreed.

2. Go sans cellphone for an hour every day. This is something I actually manage to stick to. When I get home I usually go for a run. After that I plug my phone in, shower and leave it there. I go spend time with my family, sit outside, cook dinner. It feels great. *Sundays I try to do this for most of the day. The days I manage to do it are usually the most relaxing.

3. Put away your phone while you're eating; especially when you're with friends or family. There's nothing more disturbing than seeing a group of people at a table looking at their phones instead of the people around them. Unfortunately it's a very common sight.

4. Read. I can't stress this enough. Just switch out an hour of watching tv for reading - it's life changing.

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