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Investing in Seasons

Let's be honest, everyone has to re-wear something at some point. Which is something I always remind myself when I'm hunting for investment pieces. I always ask myself, "Will I wear this more than once? Can I style this differently?" Bonus question, "Can I wear this in more than one seasons?" If the answer is yes, into the cart it goes. I loved that this skirt was lightweight but the colors didn't fall into any particular season. I paired it with a pair of tall black boots to keep my legs warm for the breezy moments of the day and a black cropped jacket with chain details.

Ironically, I didn't realize I was wearing head-to-toe Maje until after the fact. While I'm a huge fan of Zara, Maje is great for the investment pieces. Their clothing fits well, feels great and is always a little different than the other brands. They have managed to design classic staples yet still stay unique. Want to invest? Maje is the way to go.

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