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My Current Mobile Addictions

October 1, 2017

I told myself I would never fall into the trap of buying numerous phone cases. Well, never say never. A couple of brands have caught my eye over the past year or so. They range from classic to trendy - and great if you love your initials. 


1. GiGi New York - Reasonably priced and great quality. I've had this phone case the longest and even ordered another one for my work phone I liked it so much. It's stayed in great condition despite me throwing it in my purse as much as I do. 


2. CHAOS - You've probably seen a variety of celebs and bloggers taking selfies with their bold initials on their phones. They have a wide variety of colors to choose from and the delivery time is unbelievably fast. My one comment with this brand is that the fabric is a bit fragile. The bottom corner of my case is a little worn from putting it in my car's cupholder. But only noticeable to my sometimes insane attention to detail. 


3. Bandolier - My friends call this the "mom" of phone cases. It has a removable strap that turns your phone into a cross body and a snap pocket for your ID/credit card. If you are traveling THIS is your best friend. They have dozen of colors and styles that range from a gold chain to black leather strap with studs. I also use this when I go out at night - I'd like to see someone slip this over my head and take my phone without me noticing. 


4. Vianel New York - Curse Olivia Palermo for introducing me to this company. Not only are there dozens of unique styles, the personalization is incredible. You can add text anywhere on the case - they even have a selection of emojis to choose from. 




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