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#Tuesday Tip - Travel with a Mini

You know that tiny purse you own that's so cute you had to have it despite the fact that it's impractical and nothing fits inside? Well here's your a good reason to keep it. I touched upon this in my last travel blog but wanted to revisit the topic now that I've tested my theory during my last few trips. Throw your phone, ID and a credit card in a mini bag the next time you go to the airport. It saves so much time and you can avoid that awkward moment when you're digging into your purse looking for your boarding pass and ID that mysteriously disappeared in your big tote while the agent is staring at you impatiently.

Also, don't forget about your light colored clothing just because it's Fall. I've had most of these pieces for quite some time, but I've done some digging for you so you can create the look yourself!

BP grey coat

Dooney & Bourke leather bag

Alpha & Omega trousers

Madewell pullover

Frye Mini purse

New Balance sneakers

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