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Parisian Closet

Every time I pull out my winter clothes I'm reminded of Paris. There are a handful of sweaters in my closet that I wore countless times during that especially cold winter when I lived there. My closet, and I use that term loosely, was about the 18 inches wide and contained all my clothing for six months. So how did I do it? How do the Parisians do it? We Americans are used to more space. Bigger bathrooms, bigger refrigerators and most definitely bigger closets. Parisians wear a great deal of black, grey, brown and dark blue pieces. Yet when you walk around Paris everyone looks effortlessly put together and fashionable. After about a month of observing them on the metro and people watching at cafes it started to make sense. Accessorizing. I'm not talking about statement jewelry or flashy colors. It was subtler than that. It was the silk scarf tied around the neck or the thick belt cinching the waist. An entire metro car could be filled with people wearing dark colors, no two alike yet each stylish and unique.

My sister, who happens to by my amazing photographer, scolds me for not wearing enough color. All those months of minimal storage space taught me to find other ways to express myself and be creative with fashion. In time people began stopping me and asking for directions in French. It was a sure sign that I had learned a thing or two about the effortless chic style Paris is known for. I also picked up a few special pieces during my time in France. I had a little extra room in my American closet.

Free People boots

Brixton hat

Reiss belt

Vince Camuto skirt

Mango turtleneck

Vintage blazer - a quick search on the RealReal will do the trick!

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