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The Go-To Outfit

We all have those days when we have absolutely no motivation to put an outfit together. I sit on the floor of my closet in a bathrobe hoping for an epiphany and think to myself, "Why don't I have that computer from the movie Clueless that does this for me?" I give myself about five minutes of staring at my clothes before I go to my emergency outfit. White shirt and jeans. Those of you who know me are probably thinking, "Come to think of it, she does wear that a lot." Now I have two points to make. One, I have an obsession with white shirts so I don't have a problem rotating those out. Two, you can make a white shirt and jeans look like anything. Classic, edgy, "mom." It has everything to do with what you put on after the jeans and tee.

Now I have a tendency to throw on a leather jacket and a pair of black boots but figured I'd mix it up a bit with a military jacket. I think it's from working in the car industry but the whole patches thing has really started to grow on me. So next time you're sitting there staring at your clothes, put on your favorite jeans and a soft white tee - and then sit on the floor of your closet and stare at your accessories, shoes and jackets.

Joe's jeans (one of the most comfortable brand)

Sadie & Sage patch jacket (76% off!)

Bella Vita boots

Joe Fresh tee

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