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Wear it Big

To be completely honest, I don't entirely despise the cold weather. Granted, I spent most of my early childhood in Scottsdale so I don't have any horror stories of getting my tongue stuck to a pole or anything like that. And while the first few years of living in northern Michigan were a bit of a struggle, I've started to see the benefits of late fall and winter - and no I'm not talking about snow days. Apparently that's not a thing in the "adult" world.

So what am I talking about? All the clothes you get to put on! Now bear with me. You can see it as a chore, but take this opportunity and enjoy all of the endless possibilities of getting dressed in the morning. My favorite part? Putting my coat on. I've inherited numerous things from my mother and her love for coats is one of them. Something that is trending now is something I've actually always been a fan of because it just made sense to me. Oversized coats. You can comfortably layer underneath and still be comfortable rather than feeling like you've zipped yourself into a straight-jacket. Scroll down to see some of my favorites right now.

Left to right:

Charles Gray London coat

Kensie coat

Free People coat

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