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Travel Smart

There's this running joke that people don't know where I actually live and work because, yes, I spend an insane amount of time on an airplane. Over the years I've made mistakes like wearing sandals when I had to rush to my connecting flight or wore pants that are were so uncomfortable I considered taking them off and putting a blanket over me. (OK.... I did it!) But after all the mistakes and countless planes, I'm comfortable saying I've mastered the art of dressing for travel.

One of the most difficult trips to dress for is going from can't feel your face cold to hotter than blazes weather. I'm a sucker for Miami football games so I travel between Northern Michigan and Miami a lot. And the last thing on earth you want to be carrying when you land in Miami is a coat. Believe me. You'll want to give it away before you get to baggage claim. Instead, opt for a light weight jacket; something you can fold and throw in your carry-on after you get on the plane. I paired this dressier jacket with a very casual graphic tee, ultra soft jeans and sneakers. Still incredibly comfortable but I wasn't dressed like a slob. The dressy jacket makes the outfit versatile, giving me the ability to be dressed up or down depending on where I might need to be upon arrival.

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