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Vintage Vintage Vintage

Vintage coming into style has been a huge win for me. I've been wearing my mother's things for as long as I can remember. Some of my favorite articles of clothing are from before I was even born! So now that everything old is new again it's so much easier to find cool unique things in nice stores that were previously turned down by even Goodwill. Yes, I would love to do all of my vintage shopping in Paris and London, but seeing as I don't live anywhere close to either of those places, I'm forced to compromise.

I've been using the Real Real for about a year now and absolutely love it. The service is great and I can't sign on without falling in love with something - probably a bad thing rather than a good. I've also used Tradesy and True Facet, but there's nothing like falling in love with a vintage piece in person. I found this vintage Valentino jacket in a store two doors down from our hotel in Paris. So do some exploring online and definitely the next time you're in a big city.

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