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Skincare Sunday: Sea Soak

So I've been a zombie the past 4 days. My entire family dropped like flies to the stomach flu and I was the last to fall. I've basically been moving from bed to couch wearing different pajamas while munching on saltines and crushed ice. Sounds like a great weekend, right? As miserable as I have felt, the highlight of my weekend was taking my 30 minute bath every day. I used a handful of Dr. Teal's Espom Salt in hopes of soothing my body aches and then decided to try out French Girl's Sea Soak. Now normally I'm not a fan of anything rose, but the scent mixed beautifully with my lavender epsom salts. There's nothing like soaking in water that smells and feels good, especially when you feel as rotten as I do. So my advice? Take the time to pamper yourself in a small way when you're not feeling so hot, and try a handful of French Girl's Sea Soak during your next bath.

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