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Embrace the Chill

Now that it's officially winter, it's hard to avoid the cold. It's here, and it's here to stay. It's so easy to get into a routine of just surviving the cold. Wearing black because it's easy or grabbing the first coat you see and walking out the door in a state of defeat. That's how I dealt with winter when I first moved from Arizona. And you know what happened? I grew to despise winter. I dreaded the white flurries that fell from the sky and grumbled from November to March. Then something else happened. I moved to Miami. It was either hot or hotter and I wore the same clothes all year round. First year was awesome. Second? I was getting a little bored. Don't get me wrong. Warm weather is AWESOME. But turns out, so is the cold. Embrace winter. Wear color! Buy fun coats, hats and gloves and definitely invest in winter boots. Don't just tolerate it. Enjoy it. Winter hangs around for several months so pull yourself together and look your best. You may find you actually enjoy the season.

Wearing Talbots coat

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