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A Little Sentimental

One of my mother's best friends is a little crazy, but we adore her. She bought me my first "big girl" purse when I was an infant - I kid you not. It was a small Dooney and Bourke cross-body that maybe fit a lipstick. I've kept it not only for sentimental reasons but because it now serves as a great accessory. It's one of the bags I use when I just need a credit card and a yes, a lipstick. So why am I talking about a purse that's been around for over 20 years?

First, let's talk about the fact that it has lasted over 20 years! I've always taken good care of my things, but how incredible is that? And now Dooney and Bourke is officially the first company that has sent me a little something. Now there are countless bloggers out there who receive boxes upon boxes of things a day. So to them it would have meant just one more box. To me? Incredible. I started blogging because I love to write and I love fashion. That's who I've always been. I was the little girl who wouldn't leave the house without my little hat and jewelry. I would cry if I got the slightest bit dirty. Was owning a Dooney and Bourke before I was a year old a sign that someday they would be the first company to reach out to me? I like to believe it is. So thank you Dooney and Bourke for sending me a new "big girl" bag nearly 23 years later that fits a little bit more than just my lipstick. Cheers.

On a less sentimental note - I cannot get over how cold it has been in Traverse City the past few days! I would have lost my ears if it weren't for my favorite Surell earmuffs. Definitely one of my winter essentials.

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