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Real Life is Messy

I've caught myself scrolling through the feed of one of my favorite influencers thinking, "Wow! She's literally perfect." Despite common sense, I occasionally forget that there's more to someone's life besides what they choose to share on Instagram. I know I've seen photos of myself where I look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame because of the way I'm standing. Or I'll have hair continuously whip my face while I'm trying to be serious. Life happens.

I post photos sans coat and wearing a pair of pumps, but that's not what I look like all day. I show up to work with my snow boots on. One of my bags holds a pair of shoes and the makeup I normally finish putting on at work. There's a messy reality behind every photo I take. Sometimes it's so cold my sister's hands are trembling while she's shooting. I've slipped and almost wiped out on the ice... in a dress. There are also times where my laugh is genuine because my sister is behind the camera saying, "Oh my gosh the lighting is amazing!!" We all want to post "the best" photo every time, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. But I've learned to laugh at myself and all of the awful photos that happen before and after I get the shot that gets posted to Instagram.

Photography, fashion, makeup; they're all a form of art. It's the way we choose to express ourselves. I can't draw to save my life, but I love to write. And man do I love getting dressed in the morning. So enjoy the beautiful Instagram accounts. Be inspired by them. Let them make you want to see the world or try something new. But never let them make you feel badly because that's not their intention. And remember there's a reality behind their photos too.