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Confessions of a Blogger in a Small Town

Like anything, starting was the hardest part about blogging. Despite the support of my friends and family, I was nervous and frankly terrified to put myself out there. But nine months ago I had my mom and cousin triple check every article and photo for glaring errors and launched Bechicforward. There was a part of me that thought my computer might explode, or that I'd receive nasty texts from people asking, "Why are you blogging?" Neither of those things happened. I don't doubt people weren't thinking it, but they were polite enough to keep me in the dark.

After my friends got over the fact that I had switched my Instagram name from Cubanspitfire to Bechicforward, I started to settle into a rhythm. My sister and I have taking photos down to a science. My cousin is on standby to help the never ending debate of picking between two photos that look way too much alike. I figured out how to edit photos on my computer. And now, I wait.

I follow some really amazing bloggers. Young moms, eccentric dressers, and then just some stylish women who are genuinely just killing it. I realize that they have been doing this MUCH longer than I have, and a lot of them entered the blogging world before it was even a thing. But they all have one thing in common; they all live in a big city. London, New York, LA, Paris. Every single one. It's something I can't unsee now. That's not to say there aren't bloggers in small towns doing well. But is that really a factor to being a successful blogger? In my head, I didn't think anything of it. So what if I live in northern Michigan? I've lived in Scottsdale, Miami and Paris. I travel all over the world. With the internet, I didn't see my location as an obstacle.

But photos taken here don't do as well. The Instagram algorithm doesn't help. But I see a dramatic difference of engagement when I compare my photos from home to anywhere else. Would I be doing better if I lived somewhere else? Is it not cool to live in a small town? Call me crazy, but to me, fashion shouldn't need a cool geotag. Fashion is everywhere. In my early teens I remember not wearing certain things because other people weren't wearing them too. Thankfully, I got over that and realized I didn't want to wear the same bedazzled jeans everyone else was wearing. I started dressing for me.

There's a possibility, after years of saying I would never end up living here, that I will stay in northern Michigan. My biggest blog fans will be my friends and family, and I'll continue to work in the corporate world. But to everyone else who's not in a big city - dress like you live in one. Don't let your geotag define you.

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