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Can You Be Professional and Trendy?

For those of you who don't work in the fashion, music or entertainment industry, this is a thing. Something that would look great while walking around NYC probably wouldn't be my go-to outfit for my 9-5. So what's the trick? There isn't just one. It's a little of this and a little of that. It's being creative. I was the master of manipulating my school uniform. Pushing the boundaries just enough, but never technically breaking the rules.

White blouses. These are your best friend. They match with practically anything and the opportunities are endless. Fabric, sleeves, cut, button details; they are the staple that never goes out of style. I love pairing a fun white blouse with a very traditional pencil skirt or pair of pants.

Shoes. Olivia Palermo's shoe closet has recently inspired me to take a little more risk in this department. Shoes are the subtle way of sneaking in the current trend you're dying to wear. I recently purchased a pair of navy kitten heel pumps with a dark red pom pom on top. I'm already planning outfits in my head that range from a pair of jeans to a classic navy dress.

Blazers. They instantly make you look more put together. Throw one over your tank and skirt for work then take it off for happy hour. The easiest outfit change you'll ever make. I bet you couldn't tell my mom purchased this Banana Republic one years ago. There's a reason some things are considered "classic."

Don't underestimate the importance of the way you present yourself. I, in no way, look perfect every day. The majority of the time I only manage to walk out the door wearing tinted moisturizer and lipstick. My hair may or may not be done. But I am always dressed. I work better, I feel better, and am never worried about how I look running into my boss's boss, my parents' friends, or an ex-boyfriend.

Here are a few ways to recreate my look: