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Finding Your Style

The other day I was trying on a new skirt and, undecided about whether I should keep it, I sought out my sister who always gives me the hard truth. She immediately laughed as I walked through the door. Sensitive, I know. She simply said, "It's just not you."

I spent most of my childhood and teen years in either a school uniform, dance costume, cheerleading outfit, workout clothes or pajamas. I enjoyed wearing regular clothes, but my life revolved around school and activities. It wasn't until I started working a full time corporate job and blogging that my style began to evolve.

Developing my personal style hasn't been about dressing like other people or following a certain trend. It's been more about being inspired to wear things in a way that just feels right for me. After I cycled through my go-to outfits, it started to take me a little longer to figure out what the heck I was going to wear the next day. And little by little, using the same clothes in my closet, I've gained the confidence to be a little more creative when getting ready.

I pick up the blouse I've had since high school and style it just a little differently than the time before. Or I plan an outfit around a pair of shoes. (My mom thinks this is hysterical.) And I fight the urge to fall into a wardrobe routine. I know something looks good so I'm drawn to it over and over again. There are those days when I'm running late and I still need to pack my purse, make a cup of coffee and brush my hair before running out the door, so it's easy to just throw it on...again. And that's OK. Sometimes.

But style isn't stagnant. It's forever evolving. You shouldn't not wear something because someone says, "It's just not you." You're the one getting dressed in the morning. You get to decide what your look is every time you walk out the door. So, I'm thinking maybe I'll keep that skirt.