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How I Packed for Israel

April 6, 2018

It’s been a while since I traveled somewhere new. I’ve fallen in love with so many amazing cities around the world that when it’s time to get on an airplane I often go back to what I know.


That’s why packing for Israel was a nightmare. For nearly two weeks I had clothes laid out on my floor which I would mix and match and then put back. I checked the weather daily and continuously tried to predict what the temperature would be like when we were at the Dead Sea.


Packing is an art. But this isn’t a blog post about fitting two weeks worth of clothing in a carry-on. Nobody wins an award for not checking in a suitcase.




Have a color scheme. I kept everything on the neutral side for this trip. While I plan out my outfits in advance, this gave me the ability to mix things up depending on the weather (or if I spilled coffee down my shirt at breakfast). Almost everything I brought could be worn with more than one other thing.


Side note - people across the pond don’t wear a ton of color. There’s nothing that screams “I’m a tourist” more than a bunch of bright color. I like to blend in with the cultures I'm visiting, but that's just me! 


Shawls are my best friend. No matter where I am traveling, I always, always bring one to throw over everything. In this case I brought two (black and beige). They are especially helpful when you’re in a crowded place - I’d like to see a pick-pocket try to find my purse under my blanket. These are also especially helpful for visiting religious sites. A large portion of them require you to cover at least your shoulders. 


Use your accessories to mix up your look. Since my outfits were all neutrals, I threw a few scarves in my suitcase to make things a little more interesting. I’m also a huge fan of hats. They protect you from the sun and are great for bad hair days.


Bring two purses; one small and one large. The days we were gone longer, I liked having my black vintage backpack to throw in a light sweater, sunscreen, water bottles etc. But for the days we were just walking around the city I used the small cross body for only the essentials.


Smart footwear. I cannot stress this enough. The majority of the world does not have nice paved sidewalks but rather cobblestones and dirt. Please bring more than one pair of good walking shoes - anybody who says they don't get blisters from wearing the same pair of shoes 7 days in a row is lying. 


Stay tuned for more packing and travel tips! 










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