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Skincare *Monday - Melt Edition

Due to a series of events that involve 24 hour work trips and some much needed nice weather here in northern Michigan, I've been MIA on the blog front. It's obviously a lot easier to get myself to write after hours when Lake Michigan isn't calling my name. But during one of my quick trips to visit my skincare/makeup guru and best friend, she introduced me to a product I can officially no longer live without.

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt has become a staple in my every growing skincare routine. When Beautifoles had me use it for the first time, I was convinced I would wake up with a rash and or hives. The product is ridiculously thick and it actually feels like you're slathering butter soap on your face. But after working through the first moments of panic not only did it feel amazing, I woke up the next day with completely hydrated skin.

The ingredients? 100% Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit ButterNilotica (NILE-ot-i-kah) is a certified organic skin superfood — harvested seasonally from 20-year old trees, only at the source of the Nile River. This product has an amazing story, if you'd like to learn more click here to visit their website.

What would I do without Beautifoles introducing me to products like this?

PS how cute is my little sister in my sunglasses? My friends are always convinced I'm lying that my 14 year old sister is my photographer...but the proof is in the reflection! xx