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Architectural Style

My father is completely surrounded by women. As a result, he's learned quite a bit about us complicated females over the last few decades. He knows everything you NEVER say to a woman. He understands that while some things may seem silly to a man, they mean a great deal to a woman. He's an amazing dad.

However, the one thing he cannot and will not ever understand is my mother's and my obsession with white blouses. White blouses most certainly do not all look the same. We can explain the differences between each one and defend our need to own them. They are the perfect staple and each one has a slightly different vibe. They work with jeans or dress pants, under a dress and even open over a swimsuit. It is my forever go-to item.

And while pretty much every brand sells white blouses, one woman has it down to an art. Anne Fontaine. The woman is a genius. Every blouse has something special. A feminine sleeve, a delicate detail or even a touch of color. I'm forever inspired by every collection she puts out. She varies from bold and sleek to feminine and subtle. The devil is in the details, and these blouses are all about the details. The quality of her clothing is beautiful, the accessories are exquisite and the staff is top notch. And let's face it, she feeds my mother's and my white blouse addiction. What would we do without her?

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