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Oh Ruelala

While there are many perks of living in a small town, shopping in one can be somewhat of a challenge. Traverse City has some beautiful stores, but things get a little tricky when I need to buy something for 80 degree weather in the middle of January.

So how do I find great shoes, beachwear and work dresses year round? Ruelala. While there are countless of online stores to choose from, this is hands down the one I frequent the most. Why? I'll give you four good reasons.

1. They have new inventory every single day at 11am. Need I say more?

2. They have unbelievable customer service. Almost everything can be returned and when something is damaged they will move mountains to make it better. Once you order something and pay for shipping, you get 30 days of free shipping. The alternative is buying their 1 year of unlimited shipping which they'll offer periodically for around $50. Which yes, I purchased.

3. I'm introduced to new brands all of the time. They range from big name brands to small brands that have 120 Instagram followers. I love finding designers that nobody else has heard of right next to a Max Mara dress.

4. It's always cheaper on Ruelala. I've purchased $400 skincare products for $40. I very rarely buy big name brand things anywhere else. I just wait for it to pop up on Rue.

Heidi Klum swimsuit, Magid hat - both purchased via Ruelala.

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