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3 Reasons to Feel Good About Living in a Small Town

I recently heard the most wonderful expression. "Everybody dies, but not everybody lives." The thought may be daunting and overwhelming but definitely poignant. I've lived in numerous diverse places: Scottsdale, Miami, Paris and Traverse City. At the end of the day life is always the same wherever you are. It's your life and what you make of it. I won't say I'll never live in a big city or that I'll grow old in northern Michigan. But I do want to send a little love to those of us who do live in a small town and point out some of the great things that set us apart while we watch our friends live glamorous lives in big cities around the world.

1. There's no traffic. For those of you who receive texts or snaps of me complaining about "traffic", I'm a big fat liar. It takes me less than four songs on my Spotify playlist to get to work every day. A full four songs even if I hit every red light on the way. And I don't live downtown.

2. The air feels oh so nice. You never come home feeling like you're covered in a layer of smog. As much as I love to travel, I'm always happy to come home to the northern Michigan air - and so is my skin.

3. Culture. Yes it can be cliquey and annoying when you can't leave the house without bumping into everyone you know. But there's also something sweet and, dare I say it, charming once you've found your niche. My family from Miami love to joke about the fruit stands that have an honor system here in Traverse City. "If this was in Miami, not only would the fruit and money be gone, but so would the entire little stand."

So love the life you live and live where you love your life.

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