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Sahira Jewelry Design

Dainty jewelry is a weakness of mine. I love layering, mixing and probably wearing one too many necklaces or rings, probably because I hate having to pick just one. (I think I can blame this on being a Gemini.) I recently became an ambassador for Sahira Jewelry Design - a small company based in Florida that makes things I actually want to wear. For those of you who are fellow bloggers, we've all seen way too many sketchy DMs from companies that are basically the equivalent to the van with no windows that says "Free Candy" on the side. 

I purchased things before they even started their ambassador program, so it was a no brainer for me. Their customer service is great, as is the quality of their merchandise. For all of you dainty jewelry addicts, my code is "bechicforward" at checkout or just shop at Sahirajewelrydesign.com/bechicfoward and you will get 15% off your entire order. Have fun and think of me. 

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