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Bulky Sneakers That Don't Break the Bank

I won't lie to make myself sound more fashion-forward than I am. I was completely thrown off by this trend.

I had so many questions. Big bulky sneakers with office outfits? Where did this come from? Did someone just forget to change their shoes after commuting to work and it became a thing? Who knows? But honestly who cares?

There are too many "trendy" things in the world that are uncomfortable to sit, walk, move and breathe in. So despite not totally getting it, I get it. Or I'm willing to try to get it at least.

While shopping for my $10 sneakers for the University of Miami / FSU game, (GO CANES) I found these. They look surprisingly like the $600 sneakers that every luxury brand is producing right now. I figured I'd give it a whirl for $25. Plus I needed something else in my cart for free shipping.

Needless to say, there's something liberating about wearing dress pants with a pair of sneakers. Cheers to whomever forgot to change their shoes when they got to work that day. AND, way to go Target.

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