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THREE (Not So Secret) Steps to Great Lashes

If having your lashes brush up against your glasses every time you blink is something you'd like to avoid, just stop reading now. Yes, this really does happen to me.

My friends from college are notorious for requesting random recommendations in our group chat, which is was brought me to Babe Lash. The best part about this magic potion in a bottle is that it's $40 dollars. I brush it over my lash-line after washing my face and doing all of my nighttime lotioning nonsense. The first few times I used it I woke up a little red but I'm pretty sure it's because I sleep with my face buried in my pillow. I recommend putting it on at least 30 minutes before getting into bed and avoid rubbing your eyes.

Because I can't trust myself to go into Ulta without spending an ungodly amount of money, I ordered Lashfood mascara on Ruelala (I'm like a broken record). I was underwhelmed by the first few swipes, so decided to throw my trusty Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara over it. Game changer. I officially can't wear one without the other. I don't know what happens, but the combination has left my family and friends still not believing my lashes are real.

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