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Things I'm Falling in Love with While Xmas Shopping

Just some of the things I'd buy myself if I didn't adore my family and friends. Pictures are hyperlinked, you're welcome.

These shoes may or may not have actually ended up in my cart.

This purse never goes out of style, or drops low enough in price that I can justify the purchase. Wipes tear.

The coat that bold bloggers would wear with any color or pattern but in reality I would only wear it with white or black.

The most glorious cream. Nordstrom cursed me by sending me a sample.

BRB sleeping until 2019.

I put on a black sweater pretty much every other day so I feel like this would mix things up a bit.

Actually one of the things I could probably justify buying. My mom has this is navy and it's the ultimate travel bag. It weighs nothing and is ridiculously soft. She shoves her little pillows and sweaters in here for our frequent international flights.

Knowing Jo Malone, this is probably life changing.

Don't get me wrong, I'm the first person to throw on my Uggs to go to the movies. But I love a good structured boot (that I won't slip in while walking into work.)

My family would 100% make fun of me for wearing such a bright coat but I just feel like it belongs in my closet.

I feel like Catwoman definitely owns these and frankly, so should I.

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