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Sweaters That Make Me Love Winter

The first few weeks of January are full of internal conflict for me. A new year means changing bad habits, starting new things and a "fresh start." It also means all I want to do is be in fuzzy socks binging on my favorite television shows because its 30 degrees with freezing rain. So, what helps me change out of my pajamas and join the real world? Beautiful clothes, of course.

My dad (with my help) got this Maje sweater for my mom this Christmas. It reminded me of the sweaters they used to wear in Iowa back in the day. A little vintage without looking like an ugly sweater.

I've already worn this twice and it's been in my closet for less than two weeks. Super warm and not itchy in the slightest, this sweater makes me want to book a one-way trip to Aspen and spend my days being a snow bunny. (Fun fact, I grew up skiing in Whistler so this isn't too ridiculous of a fantasy.)

The Blair Waldorf vibes are almost too much. This is totally one of those things I would have worn to my Catholic high school despite the fact it was neither Lands' End nor had a logo. But could you blame me?

I actually have to actively keep myself off Pixie Market because I want everything, always.

If only I hadn't bought nice Christmas presents for my loved ones. What was I thinking?

Sweater #2 I'd wear in my snow bunny life.

It's official. Moving to Aspen.

Black leather pants and lace-up combat boots. I can already see the Instagram.

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