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Polar Vortex Survival Guide

For those of you dreading the thought of having to step outside when it's negative something degrees, you're in good company. Seeing as I couldn't see the road today, I stayed inside and had the pleasure of WFH in front of a fireplace. A real sacrifice, I know. But Monday and Tuesday I was out and about, and tested out some of my winter gear to see what really made the cut.

I've kept all my beautiful leather bags safely tucked away in my closet and thrown everything, yes everything, in this bag. It fits anything I could possibly need and it all stays safe and most of all dry. PS I love this bag 10x more in person.

I recently purchased my first pair of Aquatalia boots and I'm obsessed. Weatherproof leather and suede, these things are no joke. They look flawless even after walking in snow so deep I couldn't see my shoes. Which means I don't have to bring a pair of shoes to change into when I get to the office. HUGE win for me. Plus these are on sale right now, you're welcome.

I wear Athleta turtlenecks in the winter like they are the only thing in my closet.

I'd be lying if I said I didn't have expensive taste. This isn't exactly the Moncler I've been wearing, but any part of my body that is covered by my jacket is utterly and completely warm. I'm a firm believer in investing in the things that never go out of style, especially when they are beautiful and keep me from complaining about the cold.

The older I get the more I appreciate things like socks. Especially Smartwool socks, in the middle of winter.

I have a variety of Athleta leggings and they are my go-to "pants" the minute I see single digits. I am also not above throwing over a pair of sweatpants over these when I need to run to the grocery store.

If anyone makes fun of you for wearing a blanket scarf, they've clearly never owned one. Or they live in Arizona or Southern California. I throw mine under my coat and it usually ends up covering most of my face during a longer walk. Haters gunna hate, but just remember they will be colder than you.

Leather gloves are more often than not my pick when it comes to hand apparel. Soft/fuzzy mittens are cute but not ideal when I'm driving or trying to carry things walking into work. I try to avoid spilling coffee on myself before 8am.

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